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When Complete Compare On Corrupt Data Model Crashes Erwin

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According to the CA help documentation on Erwin, Cut, Copy and Paste functions are fully supported. You could simply select model objects you want to copy and paste them into a new or existing model diagram without any problem. You can read more about this functionality here: However, the development community seems to be [...]

CA ERwin-Using Naming Standards, Model Templates

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Data Modeling (Relational or Dimensional,) is a job that needs more thinking than really doing. It has more to do with gaining a better understanding of business processes and data that follows through those processes than knowing a bunch of technical terms or tools. However, having a good technical handle on tools like CA ERwin [...]

Data Modeling Basics And Tools For Data Modeling

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If you have been working in IT industry for a while, you should have a basic understanding of data modeling concept. The primary goal of this post to share a few basic concepts around data modeling and also to discuss what are different types of data models you should be aware of. What Is Data [...]