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Actually, Spark Adds Power To Hadoop In Real-Time Processing

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Since Apache Spark came to existence in 2014, it received massive recognition and developer community just loved it, all for good reasons. Apache Spark is a fast, in-memory data processing engine with elegant development APIs to allow developers to efficiently execute streaming, machine learning or SQL workloads that require fast iterative access to datasets. However, [...]

Hive Query Performance Optimization On Hadoop For Big Data

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If you have been around big data for any length and worked on Hadoop, you have seen plenty of Pig and Hive. If you are even learning Hadoop and Big Data, Pig and Hive must seem to be the things you should know in order to have some control on big data. Well, that’s the [...]

Big Data And Hadoop – Features And Core Architecture

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The term Big Data is often used to denote a storage system where different types of data in different formats can be stored for analysis and driving business decisions. Big Data is an assortment of such a huge and complex data that it becomes very tedious to capture, store, process, retrieve and analyze it with [...]